Eleveur – Negociant : a story and a philosophy

The company’s activity consists of ageing French wines in oak barrels. This goes far beyond the simple distribution of bottles, because Grafé Lecocq takes care of the wines during this crucial stage in their life, between the end of vinification and bottling. The wines are matured and aged in oak barrels, for a period of up to 24 months for certain wines.

Hence, every wine bears our signature. This demonstrates our commitment to every wine we market, and encourages us to be extremely rigorous in terms of quality so that our name is perceived as being synonymous with quality.

To ensure the success of this objective, the first stage is crucial: i.e. the choice, at the end of fermentation, of raw wines from the various French wine-growing regions with a good aging potential, and whose character is representative of a terroir, with a confirmed personality, and recognised by an appellation of origin.
The selection is made every year through successive blind tasting sessions, where several hundred samples are presented. Jean-Loup and Bernard Grafé are personally responsible for this task.

A few key points:
  • Belgian leader in wine aging in oak barrels, with a capacity of more than 1200 barrels.
  • A team of 25 people.
  • A large choice, with more than 500 wines.
  • 125 years experience in French vineyards means that Grafé Lecocq has extensive knowledge of the terrain and special access to the fine quality of wine produced.
  • Reasonable purchase volumes: this allows us to choose specific wines that are sometimes available in a very limited amount, but whose quality is much higher than average (which wouldn’t be possible if volume requirements were greater).

Important dates:
  • 1879: Foundation of the company by Henri Grafé and his wife Léontine Lecocq.
  • 1952: Jean-Loup Grafé joins the company, a third generation direct descendent and one of the company’s current managing directors.
  • 1952: The title “Fournisseur Breveté de la Cour de Belgique” is granted by His Majesty King Baudouin, renewed by His Majesty King Albert II in 1993, and renewed by His Majesty King Philippe in 2013.
  • 1995: Bernard Grafé, fourth generation, son of Jean-Loup, joins the company, and is today the managing director.



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