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Understanding your tastes and suggesting the wine you would like. Proposing wines adapted to your dishes. Which ones can be consumed now, which ones can be kept... and for how long? It’s our job to answer these questions so that you can fully enjoy the pleasure of wine.
This website aims to continue this mission. By discovering your preferences, and providing a detailed classification of the wines in our range, it will make suggestions to meet your expectations.


An essential link in our business, which is lacking on many wine websites, is a quality delivery service. The delivery of your orders by our own fleet of vans and drivers, to every part of Belgium, is an inestimable service for you: no breakages and notice of the delivery time if you so wish. This way, you avoid having to transport a heavy load from a point of sale.
Free delivery as of € 125.00 including VAT per order. We deliver to every region on a set day of the week. Click here for more information .


Not enough space to store the wines you’ve bought from Grafé Lecocq? Subscribe to our “storage contract”: buy your wines now and we’ll keep them for you in excellent conditions (minimum 100 bottles, mixed or unmixed). We’ll then deliver your wines to your home, free of charge, upon your request (minimum 36 bottles).
The cost? € 0.10 excluding VAT per bottle per year. Every year begun is due.
E.g.: you buy 100 bottles of wine and they require 5 years in the cellar to fully develop. This will cost you € 10.00 excluding VAT per year and your wines will have improved in optimum conditions.
Thanks to your personal account, you can check on your stocks kept in our cellars. We update our storage and/or consumption advice for your wines every 6 months. This way, you have all the necessary information to manage your stock.


There are plenty of opportunities to try our products before buying. We organise tasting days in our cellars in Namur. You can attend a tasting session in a small group, with commentaries, featuring a selection of our wines. Please book your place in advance.
For the past few years, we have also been holding sessions in Brussels, Ghent, Antwerp, Tournai, Liège and Corroy-le-Grand once or twice a year. No less than 40 wines are presented at our tasting sessions. And we’re available to guide you and provide you with useful advice. For more information check our “news and agenda” heading.

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