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All the photos above were taken in our own cellars, either the aging cellars beneath the Citadel or the storage cellars beneath Namur Cathedral.

Wine is a product of the land, subject to the vagaries of nature. When we find a vintage, we endeavour to be as objective as possible about its quality. Our feelings, which we pass onto you through our newsletter, are as sincere as possible. In addition, regarding the advice we offer, our wish isn’t to sell you any wine, but to find the one that is likely to suit you best.

Wine is a noble, living product. It is our passion that has given rise to our motivation to emphasise the intrinsic quality of the wines through ageing in oak casks. And it is the pleasure we feel when tasting the aged wine which strengthens our conviction of the added value this approach offers.
Continuity and modernity

The founder, Henri Grafé Lecocq, began his business in 1879, as Eleveur-Negociant. A hundred and thirty years later, we are still faithful to this approach to the profession, with a strong family spirit still very much present in the fourth generation.
The work methods, however, have undergone various changes resulting from better oenological knowledge and leading to a more precise way of working, such as the choice of wood for the barrels, their renewal, fining and bottling.

“Not being compelled to market a wine we wouldn’t like” is fundamental.

In this sense, with no obligation to buy from producers, we are completely free to purchase as we please. Consequently, what we purchase is solely governed by the qualitative assessment of the proposed product. A great number of wine-tasting sessions every year, during the purchasing period, allow us to make the appropriate choices.

This commitment goes hand in hand with the previous one: the selection of each wine is the result of rigorous tasting. The aging of each wine is the subject of a specific approach. We use traditional and natural aging methods. According to these principles, we endeavour to sublimate the intrinsic quality of the product you will receive.
This commitment comes in the form of the signature we give every one of our bottles.
This is all the more important since our products are part of your daily life, or special moments in your life, either with family or friends.

According to our philosophy, the pleasure of drinking wine must remain within reach. While our aim is to supply you with quality products, we also ensure we offer competitive prices.

We can achieve this thanks to the shortest and most direct route possible:
    -firstly, by buying directly from the wine-grower;
    - secondly, by selling and delivering to you directly.

We therefore avoid the middleman (importers, local dealers) and, consequently, we can maintain our competitiveness.
This website fully adheres to this approach.


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