Delivery service :

Providing an incomparable service for its customers, Grafé Lecocq’s 5 vans deliver orders to every part of Belgium: no breakages and notice of the delivery time if you so wish (tick the appropriate box when placing your order), and no transporting a heavy load from a point of sale.

Free delivery as of € 125.00 including VAT per order.

If the amount of your order is less than € 125.00 including VAT, we shall charge € 7.50 exclusive VAT to cover the delivery costs.

Delivery days:
We deliver to every region on a set day of the week, e.g.:
Tuesdays: Brussels, Walloon Brabant, Charleroi and the surrounding area.
Wednesdays: Antwerp and the surrounding area, the Ardennes, the Province of Luxembourg, the Valley of the Meuse between Namur and Dinant, Limburg.
Thursdays: Brussels, Mons, Hainaut, Huy - Verviers area.
Fridays: East Flanders, the coast, Liège and the surrounding area, Namur and the surrounding area.
For more details, please contact us on 081/22.43.15.

Delivery times:
Deliveries are made during the day. If you like, we can deliver to your place of work or to a neighbour, for instance. We can also inform you of the approximate delivery time the day before. You will be asked to specify certain details during the ordering process, in the “delivery” thumbnail (delivery, please inform me, etc.).

Gift delivery:
It’s also possible for Grafé Lecocq to deliver a gift of wine for you, to one or more beneficiaries. If you choose this option, all you have to do is click on “exceptional delivery address” during the “delivery” stage and fill in the form. The delivery terms and conditions are the same: € 7.50 excluding VAT per delivery if the sum of the order is less than € 125.00 including VAT, otherwise it’s free.

Delivery schedule:
Depending which day you place your order, and our availability, we usually deliver within 8 working days.

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