A great pleasure to present you our yearly selection "Coups de Coeur"  Cépage Merlot 2017, Bordeaux blanc Sauvignon d’Aquitaine 2018, Chardonnay Vin de Pays d'Oc 2018 and Cépage Syrah rosé 2018 from Maison Grafé Lecocq.

In this special offer please discover four lovely wines, very fruity, charming, and elegant. for sure these wines are polyvalent and can match various dishes and circumstances.

Delivery: It will take us a few weeks to deliver all the incoming orders. In the case of an urgent need, please mention it in remark and we will do the necessary to meet your request.

Rebate system :

- 5% for 1* 48 bottles (one wine) or for a total assortiment of 96 bottles.
-10% for 1*84 bottles (one wine) or 2*48 bottles (2 wines) or for a total assortiment of 192 bottles.
(please consider in the calculation: 1 magnum = 2 bottles).


Vin de Pays d'Oc

5,31 € Vat incl.  75 cl

Cévennes massif - Gard valley. Old vines of merlot (delicate grape variety from Bordeaux which is 80 % from 100 % present in the Pomerol).
Beautiful red velvet colour. Magnificent aromatic intensity with black cherry associated with almond notes (marzipan), spices (juniper wood, garrigue, etc.) with tender hints of violet. The silky savours are simultaneously fruity, spicy and floral with a delicate touch of cocoa. The texture is full of flavours, in a very Pomerol style. The final taste leaves the memory of a wine with a remarkable volume/length balance! An outstanding Merlot in the same style as the 2015 one.

Every meal's fellow, particularly indicated for meat preparations and matches great with cheese.

Very pleasant, to drink quickly. Ageing assured for 5 years.


Appellation Bordeaux Contrôlée

5,74 € Vat incl.  75 cl  

Dry white wine.
Splendid shiny colour with green glints. The beautiful aromatic flavour seduces first the nose with a blackcurrant leaf perfume which is specific of Sauvignon. We also find lovely floral and ripe citrus touches. From the first taste, we are charmed by fresh and covered savours. The taste buds are awoken, with a beautiful aromatic volume. A wine, classic obviously, but with a remarkable elegance and a great polyvalence.
Ideal companion for appetizers, seafood, shellfish and poached fishes.
Consumable period: very pleasant to drink as of now, to drink within two years.

Vin de Pays d'oc

5,74 € Vat incl.  75 cl  

Dry white wine.
Colour with lovely golden glints. The nose is enchanted by intense tree fruits aromas (apples, quinces, apricots, etc.) associated with dry fruits and butter notes. This aromatic intensity continues into the mouth with juicy and generous savours. The final taste is elegant and leaves the memory of a supple wine, charming, fresh, with a lovely fat balance and a well-dosed mineral taste. A delicious white which is harmonious, polyvalent and has a very affordable price.

Appetizers. Salads. Fishes and seafood. Infinitely versatile.

Consumable period: very pleasant to drink as of now. To drink within two years.
Vin de Pays d'oc

5,28 € tvac  75 cl  

Dry rosé.
Colour: sparkling rosé. Into the nose, we attend an aromatic festival mixing red berries (wild strawberry, raspberry, redcurrant, etc.) with spices (garrigue) and cuberdon touches. The first taste is juicy, then it becomes refreshing, the end taste is greedy. A remarkable rosé simultaneously tender, vinous and full of personality. To discover as soon as possible!

Appetizers, salads, barbecues. Great versatility.

Consumable period : very pleasant to drink as of now. To consume within two years.

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