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How do I pay for an order?

For your first and second order, you are asked to pay by Visa/MasterCard after your basket has been validated.
If you have bought from us at least twice and you have no outstanding payments, you can pay by bank transfer. After your order has gone through, your wines will be delivered, after which you will receive an invoice and then you can pay by bank transfer. On the one hand, this will avoid the costs associated with Visa/MasterCard payments and, on the other hand, any bottles you have returned to us can be deducted from your invoice.



What does the term “returnable” mean on your website?

Within the framework of Grafé Lecocq’s environment policy, the bottles of the wines bottled by us are returnable: € 0.23 for bottles and half bottles, and € 0.33 for magnums. This considerably reduces the carbon footprint of our activities. It’s easier to wash the bottles than make bottles (even out of recycled glass), which requires a far greater consumption of energy. The entry “returnables” or “empties” clearly appears on your basket detail and your invoices.





 How do I return the bottles?

Your empty bottles can be returned in return for the amount indicated in our General Terms and Conditions of Sale. They can be returned:
-    - either when the next delivery is made: when we make the delivery, we take back the returns and deduct them from the invoice.
-    or to the Oenothèque in Namur: you can bring us your empty Grafé Lecocq bottles and we’ll reimburse you.
-    or you can ask us to come and pick up the returns from your home. This will take longer as we can only come by when the opportunity arises and one of our vans is close to your home.
Please note that we only accept empty bottles bearing our labels that are in an acceptable state of cleanliness. For instance, we can’t accept bottles that have been kept outside, with mud on them or containing foreign substances or foreign bodies.




How is the delivery made?

The deliveries are made by our own vans and drivers, only in Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. We have 6 vans
Deliveries will be made to the address you indicated during the basket validation process. If no address has been provided, the delivery will be made to your account’s invoicing address.
However, you can add other delivery addresses, for instance, your office or your country house.
You can also have a gift delivered to a friend, a relation or an acquaintance. In this case, create an “exceptional address”.
During the order validation process, if you would like to be contacted to be informed of the date and time of delivery, tick the corresponding box.





Where can I receive the delivery?

If no address has been provided, the delivery will be made to your account’s invoicing address
However, you can add other delivery addresses, for instance, your office or your holiday home.






Can I ask you to deliver a gift to another person?

Yes, as long as the address is either in Belgium or in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. In this case, create an “exceptional address” when your basket is confirmed. If the amount of this delivery is less than € 125.00 including VAT, you will be asked to pay an extra € 7.50 exclusive VAT. Delivery is free for orders over € 125.00 inclusive VAT.






Can I ask for a delivery to be made abroad?

Wine is subject to duty and there are rules specific to each country. According to special terms, we can have your order shipped to certain countries. Please contact us.







Can you deliver to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg?


Yes. We have a branch there with the possibility of delivering all our products throughout the Grand Duchy. This may be to your benefit as VAT is lower than in Belgium and there is no duty to pay on wine, crémant or champagne. Please contact us for more information.




I would like to return a product after delivery. Is that possible?

Yes. You have 14 calendar days to return your delivery, beginning the day after the delivery of the merchandise.
In order to cover the logistical and administrative costs, you will be required to pay € 20.00 excluding VAT.





What does buying “en primeur" mean?

This is the possibility of buying “Grands Vins” at preferential prices, while they are still being aged in barrels (+/- one year before they are bottled).

This is possible in the case of certain high quality vintages, generally from the Bordeaux, Burgundy, and/or Rhone Valley regions

When you place an “en primeur” order, there are two possible methods of payment:
A.    Either a payment of 25 % when you order, and the balance upon delivery
B.    Or payment of the entire order, whereby you will be entitled to a reduction of 6 % in general.






Is there a financial benefit to buying en primeur wine?

The interest of buying en primeur wine is indeed financial: you generally save up to 16 % (with option B) compared with the future price (when the wines are bottled). So it’s a good investment!





Do I have to order a minimum to benefit from these conditions?


Yes. The minimum amount for an order is generally € 250.00 excluding VAT. Each case is comprised of 12 bottles per product or possibly 6 bottles for products over € 15.00 excluding VAT per bottle.
To reach the amount of € 250.00, you can always make a group order with friends or family, as long as you respect the condition of one invoice and one delivery address.





Besides the financial aspect, why buy en primeur wine?


Buying en primeur wine is a unique opportunity to create a cellar, composed of carefully stored quality wines, which you will have the pleasure of enjoying a few years later.

I don’t know how to make a balanced choice. What do you advise me to do?
You can take inspiration from the suggested assortments, according to you personal taste.






Can I taste en primeur wines before buying them?

While other companies also sell en primeur wine, the opportunity to come and taste wine while it’s still in the barrel in our cellars is unique in Belgium. For the dates, please refer to the calendar.





When will I receive my order of en primeur wine?

Your en primeur wine will be delivered after bottling, usually 1 to 2 years after the en primeur offer appeared. E.g.: for the 2009 vintage, the offer appeared in September 2010 and the Rhone wines were delivered a year later. The Bordeaux wines were delivered during the first quarter of 2012.





I haven’t got a cellar to keep wine for years. What should I do?

Not enough space to store the wines you’ve bought from Grafé Lecocq? Subscribe to our “storage contract”: buy your wines now and we’ll keep them for you in excellent conditions (minimum 100 bottles, mixed or unmixed). We’ll then deliver your wines to your home, free of charge, upon your request (minimum 36 bottles).
The cost? € 0.10 excluding VAT per bottle per year. Every year begun is due.
E.g.: you buy 100 bottles of wine and they require five years in the cellar to fully develop. This will cost you € 10.00 excluding VAT per year and your wines will have improved in optimum conditions.

Thanks to your personal account, you can check on your stocks kept in our cellars. We update our storage and/or consumption advice for your wines every six months. This way, you have all the necessary information to manage your stock.






I was already a customer before you created your new website: do I have to create an account?

As an existing customer, you should have received a letter or an email with an activation code when the site was launched. This code allows you to “activate" your existing account so you don’t have to create one. The advantage is that you will have access to personalised information concerning your purchase history and to specific product offers.

If you haven't received this code and you would like to benefit from these advantages, please contact us by phone and we will send you an activation code.

However, if you haven’t bought from us before, please create your account online.






I received an activation code. How do I activate my account?

Click on the “activation” button on the homepage. Then enter the code you’ve received. After validation, you will be asked to choose a login (your email address) and a password. Once you’ve done this, your account will be activated.





How much do I have to buy?

The products in the catalogue are sold in batches of 12 bottles, 6 magnums, or 24 half bottles, or 6 bottles, 3 magnums or 12 half bottles for products over € 7.50 excluding VAT per bottle (unless otherwise indicated).

Delivery in Belgium is free for an amount of € 125.00 including VAT and over. If the amount of the order is less than this, an extra € 7.50 excluding VAT will be charged.





What is the Oenothèque Grafé Lecocq?

It’s the place where we sell our products on Place St Aubain in Namur. We also have a customer car park. Click here for more information cliquez ici





Can I personalise a wine?

Yes. Thanks to the “Special Label” module, you can design a personalised label online in the name of your restaurant, company, association, sports club, or for a special event such as a wedding, etc.
Just follow the 6 stages in the process. Your draft will then be sent to us by email and our graphic designers will perfect the design and will contact you in order to finalise the draft and decide on the choice of wine, and the delivery and payment terms.






Is there a minimum quantity for a personalised label?


The design and printing of special labels requires a minimum order. We have set this minimum at 108 bottles of the same wine. There are many competitively priced products in the range allowing you can keep within a reasonable unit price.





How much does a personalised label cost?

On top of the cost of the wine, you have to add a flat fee of € 50.00 plus € 0.13 per unit.





Can I benefit from a reduction on my purchase?


We offer a reduction according to the number of bottles. These reductions are automatically calculated on the website. Here are the reductions we offer:


5% Per

 10 % Per

1 x 48 bottles (1 wine) or

 1 x 84 bottles (1 wine) or

 8 x 12 bottles

 2 x 48 bottles (2 wines) or


16 x 12 bottles


•    Cuvée Grafé Lecocq – Bordeaux (numbered vintage): net price. No additional reduction on this product

•    Merlot – Vin de Pays d’Oc: only a 10 % reduction as of 108 equivalent bottles of this wine.

•    Champagne and spirits (eau-de-vie, cognac, liqueurs, etc.): no reduction on these products.

•    Crémant de Loire Baumard, Grillet, books and accessories: no reduction.






I would like to try before buying: is that possible?


  There are various opportunities to taste our wines:

-        either during one of the open days we organise every year in our cellars

-        or during one of the tasting evenings we organise every year in Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent, Liège, Luxembourg, and in Hainaut and Walloon Brabant (Corroy).

For the dates of these events, please consult our calendar (click here).

You can also discover our wines by buying single bottles from our Oenothèque in Namur, or through the ‘discovery package’ on the website.  




Can I buy individual bottles?

You can buy all our wines at our Oenothèque in Namur.

In the discovery package available on the website, we usually suggest 1 or 2 bottles of each sort.























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